PCE Track Day 2017

Dear friend and Porsche enthusiast,

You are hereby invited to take part in the *Porsche Club Estonia International
Track Day*, which will be held on the auto24 racetrack in Pärnu, Estonia, on July 29, 2017.

The track day is organized by Porsche Club Estonia as a one-day event. This will be – again! - a day full of fast driving, beautiful cars, good food and cheerful company. Just bring your Porsche and a helmet!

Porche Club Estonia has reserved the whole race track for this event. There will be trained marshals in flag posts during the driving sessions; also Fire Rescue and Ambulance teams will be present during the track day to ensure maximum safety. We provide tow services as necessary and some minor repairs are also possible at the track by an independent Porsche specialist service garage (subject to additional charge for parts and labour). Space will also be provided for personal belongings while drivers are on the track. There is almost unlimited parking space at the track so the number of accompanying vehicles is not limited.

We have scheduled a short lunch break during the day and warm food from the grill can be bought throughout the whole event. Also soft drinks, coffee and ice-cream will be available for purchase at the track office.

Every participating Porsche will get a transponder attached that provides accurate timing, live lap times will be displayed on TV screens in the auto24 track lounge.

Every participant will also get a T-shirt specially designed for the event.

Before the track day a thorough safety briefing will be held in English and translation is provided for other languages if necessary.

 After the track day, everyone will have a couple of hours to go back to their hotels and freshen up. After that, a bus will take guests back to the track. There, in the new glass pavilion, a gourmet dinner will be held (wine and beer included), together with a short prize ceremony for prizes:

1. Main prizes - for 3 fastest laptimes.
2. Fastest aircooled Porsche
3. Most beatiful participating Porsche
4. Additional prize – will be drawn among participants.

After the dinner we have a bus waiting to take us back to Pärnu, where everyone is free to extend the warm summer night in Pärnu's vibrant bars and nightclubs.

Below is the provisional timetable of the Porsche Club International

Track Day 2017:
9:15 Gates open, registration, stickers, transponders
10:45 drivers' meeting
 11:00 introduction laps
11:15 warm-up for all Porsches
12:00 session for slower Porsches
12:30 session for faster Porsches
13:00 slow
13:30 fast
14:00 short lunch break for drivers and staff at the track
14:30 slow
15:00 fast
15:30 slow
16:00 fast
16:30 all Porsches
18:00 finish

19:45 Bus leaves from Pärnu centre
20:00 Gourmet dinner at the track (smart casual) Approx.
24:00 Bus back to Pärnu, afterparty in nightclubs.

Participation fee - (when you pay before May 31, 2017) for the car and driver combo is 210€, additional family members or friends 80€. The fee includes, additional to the track-driving, t-shirt, stickers, bus transport, dinner with drinks. When paying later the fee is 260€ and 100€ for drivers and friends respectfully.

Please note that we _will not be_ booking hotels, everyone will be responsible for their own accommodation. We will help guests in any way we can and a list of the better hotels in Pärnu is listed below.

More information will be published in the PCE website:

Participating cars must be suitable for street driving, slick-tyres are not allowed.
Everyone will have to sign the track day rules and disclaimer, which are very similar to the last year's event.

More info about the track:

Recommended hotels:
 Terviseparadiis Spa hotel http://www.terviseparadiis.ee
Spa Tervis hotel http://www.spatervis.ee/
Hedon Spa hotel http://www.hedonspa.com/
Strand Spa hotel http://www.strand.ee/et/

For registration we need following information:
1.Driver name/ Co-driver(s) name
2.Size of the T-shirt
3.Car: model/year/tyre Brand
4.Hotel where the team is staying
5.Phone no, e-mail.

Please contact for registration: Avo Elme avo.elme@porsche-club.ee GSM +372 5056880 and for additional information: Kristjan Pappa kristjan.pappa@porsche-club.ee +372 50 64 403


Porsche Club Estonia Avo Elme & Kristjan Pappa